Welcome To the Last Drop!

Jul 12, 2018 | Drinks, Latest News

Tea Drops turned To the Last Drop

Tea Drops is now called To the Last Drop, however, boba tea lovers can still come to Westport to get their fix. The tea shop was the first boba place in Kansas City. With 17 years of serving boba tea, the shop is currently ranked No. 1 out of  12 boba places in the city. Boba tea is a tapioca prepared with vanilla or taro. To the Last Drop’s traditional boba includes vanilla and brown sugar.

Along with the new name came new, unique food options. To the Last Drop owner, Ty Nguyen, wanted to change the name to reflect what the shop shares with Westport’s small, niche community. For example, the shop now features street food from the Pacific Rim. The food menu includes crepes, baguettes, fresh pho, Vietnamese sandwiches and more. Most importantly, all pair perfectly with boba tea, which originated in the Pacific Rim.

These unique offerings fit perfectly in Westport, an original, unique neighborhood with rich heritage. Nguyen describes the Westport community as a “melting pot.” Being from Kansas City, Nguyen believes in growing roots in the community and giving back. To him, giving back means sharing delicious boba tea, a smile, kindness or Kansas City love.

Learn more about To the Last Drop in the video below!