Parking in Westport

Part of Westport’s charm is its historic buildings and layout with narrow streets dating back to the 1830s when the area was designed for pedestrians, horses, and wagons. Those planning a visit should consider your best options to get to the area. Over 40% of visitors use the convenience of rideshare options, buses, bicycles and taxis but there are many parking options as well.

Parking is available for public use curbside along the streets and in several lots throughout the week with some spaces reserved by day for specific businesses. Review the information below for what works best for you.



Street Parking

Almost all of the 427 on-street parking locations have a two-hour time restriction between the hours of 10 am through 10 pm, Monday through Sunday. While curbside parking is free of charge, a ticket for occupying a free curbside space for too long can be expensive. If you think you will be out longer than two hours, use one of the many off-street parking lots or garages in and adjacent to Westport, or consider taxi, bus, or rideshare options.

Off-Street Parking

There are 24 off-street parking locations in Westport with a collective 1365 spaces available for public use. However, many of the lots, as well as several hundred spaces in the parking garage, are reserved for specific business use during weekday business hours (8 am to 5 pm). Even with the reserved spaces for specific business uses during the day, there are still several lots and spaces in the garage available for current customer, client, and patron parking. While most of these available spaces are free of charge, some close-in lots along Pennsylvania Avenue and 40th Terrace, which are available on an hourly basis during the day and/or evening, do charge and require the ParkMobile app to utilize.

WEEKEND NIGHT PARKING (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

  • Westport has many parking spaces for those who prefer to drive. Most are free anytime, while some close and convenient parking lots and the Manor Square Garage will have a fee on weekend evenings and on major festival days.
  • Most (but not all) of the parking facilities in Westport have a fixed fee for the night that is visible near the entrance to each parking facility. Fixed fees for evening parking allow visitors and patrons to not have to worry about a meter. Use of a fixed fee lot only expires once the vehicle leaves the specific parking space in the lot or if the vehicle remains in the lot past 6 am the following day (whichever comes first). However, a few parking lots along Pennsylvania Avenue and 40th Terrace do charge by the hour for usage. Via the ParkMobile App.
  • The Manor Square Garage and Sun Fresh parking lot only accept payment via credit card. The revenue generated by parking fees in the fixed-fee parking facilities helps pay for extra security staff, lighting, and security cameras in Westport.
  • Vehicular traffic within the pedestrian zone on Westport Road and parts of Pennsylvania Avenue and Archibald Street is prohibited from 10:30 pm to 3 am. As a result, street parking in this area should not be utilized for anyone wishing to leave Westport after 10:30 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
  • City regulations prohibit removal of the street barriers to protect the large pedestrian presence during the 11 pm-3 am weekend times. Therefore, vehicles are not allowed to exit or enter the area surrounded by street barriers (with the exception of emergency vehicles).
  • No parking on Westport Road between Mill Street and Bridger Street is allowed from 9 pm to 4 am on all weekend evenings (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) to provide curbside drop-off and pick-up from rideshares and taxis. Taxis services are offered on the south side of the block, while rideshare services are on the north side.
  • There is no parking on the west side of Broadway Boulevard between 40th Terrace and Westport Alley from 9 pm-4 am on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings to provide curbside drop-off and pick-up from rideshares and taxis.
Westport Parking Map


Rideshare, taxi, and bus accessibility are increasingly becoming the preferred mode of transportation to and from Westport, especially during the evening.

  • Two designated drop-off and pick-up zones for WEEKEND nights are available for rideshares and taxis from 9 pm-4 am along Westport Road between Mill Street and Bridger Street and on the west side of Broadway Boulevard between 40th Terrace and the Westport Alley.
  • RideKC, Kansas City’s public transit authority, offers a variety of routes with stops in or near Westport, including routes 35, 39, 47 and Main MAX.


Westport enjoys one of the highest concentrations of bicycle usage in Kansas City. Free bike rack space is provided to park a bicycle throughout Westport, with hundreds of people taking advantage of this easy and healthy mode of transportation daily. The district is easy and comfortable to explore on foot or a bicycle.  There are multiple bicycle rental locations in Westport for use by those who didn’t bring their bicycle with them. Bicycles can be rented with a credit card by the hour or by the day at the following Westport locations:

  • At the northwest corner of the intersection of 40th Terrace and Broadway Boulevard
  • On the south side of Westport Road just east of Baltimore Street