Westport Launches 4x Faster Security Screening
Friday/Saturday nights from 11 pm – 3 am – weather permitting

Since 2018, weekend nights require a safety scan for weapons for anyone entering the pedestrian-only area of Westport. Nice weather brings the crowds who traverse the streets of Westport and thus security is aligned with that.

In 2019, Westport has added more entrances and scanners to expedite entry. The scans will follow the accepted practices used by most arenas, public buildings, stadiums, and concert venues to prohibit weapons. However, Westport allows handbags and they do not need to be clear like stadiums typically require.

Like the past decades, the entrances are only open to pedestrian traffic on weekend evenings. The City of Kansas City’s safety regulations prohibits any vehicular traffic inside the pedestrian area to allow the large crowds to spread out beyond the narrow historic sidewalks. Parking is plentiful around the perimeter of the pedestrian area and the ParkMobile app can be used to find close in spots. However, many visitors choose to use taxis and ride-sharing options. Mill Street entrances have been the busiest entrances.

Enhanced security screening is routine for those who attend concerts or professional sporting events. Patrons will empty their pockets, open their purse or bag, and then walk through a metal detector. Once cleared by the metal detector, and have shown a valid ID reflecting the age of 21 or older, they are free to enter and enjoy the food, music, and fun with thousands of others who make Westport their entertainment destination each evening. If the metal detector goes off, the visitor will be asked to submit to security wanding to ensure that no weapons are on the person. Patrons may elect to exit the pedestrian area if a metal is detected and return without the banned item.

In response to the world we live in today – Westport is driven to make the area safer. Westport has taken steps to better protect the public from gun violence and improve public safety. The public is very supportive of common-sense gun limits around bars, alcohol, and large crowds where people congregate.

Westport continues to lead as a district with its proactive measures to address safety in a crowd-friendly atmosphere with a vast array of late-night options. Westport remains a popular Kansas City destination – serving millions each year for the last 188 years.

Screened items prohibited to enter on Friday and Saturday nights between 11 pm and 3 am typically from April to October.