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Dec 15, 2023 | Bids and Proposals

Dec 1, 2023




The Westport Regional Business League (WRBL) was established by the businesses and property owners in and around the old Town of Westport in 2005 for the purpose of enhancing the economic vitality and development of the area. Westport is the oldest part of Kansas City, Missouri with a rich history dating back to 1833. Consequently, its many historic buildings house more than 250 businesses with 92% of those being locally based enterprises – the largest concentration of local small businesses in the region. The area is recognized regionally as a dining destination, an outlet for unique and authentic retail offerings, and a successful legacy entertainment district. Almost three thousand employees, more than one thousand residents, and two million visitors utilize the area annually.

The Opportunity

The Westport Regional Business League (“WRBL”) invites interested firms to submit a proposal for conducting the Westport Economic Impact Study.  The purpose of the project is to conduct an economic impact study/analysis of the area defined as the old Town of Westport that provides a comprehensive quantitative analysis of the current economic value and specific economic contributions of Westport to the City of Kansas City, Missouri. The desired scope of services will also include a quantitative projection of return on investment if additional public monies are invested in Westport. Services are to be completed by April 30, 2024.

Critical Project success factors are:

  1. Engaging professionals with proven experience in economic impact analysis, economic development analysis, property value analysis, and tax base analysis in historical urban commercial districts.
  2. Incorporating a clear understanding of the financial contributions collectively made by Westport businesses, property owners, employees, residents, vendors, visitors, and patrons to the economic well-being of the City of Kansas City, Missouri.
  3. Integrating an understanding of the monetary benefits/returns to be gained by investing additional public funds for services and/or infrastructure within the boundaries of Westport.
  4. Coordinating with the Westport Regional Business League, and other project stakeholders.
  5. Providing an In-Person presentation of the findings from the Economic Impact Study at a time mutually agreeable to the WRBL and the successful proposer as well as the production of a written report (hardcopy and electronic) of the key findings with supporting data.


This Request for Qualifications/Proposals (“RFQ/P” or “solicitation”) is an invitation by the WRBL for Proposers to submit an offer, which may be subject to subsequent discussions and negotiations by the WRBL and the Proposer. It is not a request for a competitive bid.

“Proposal” means any document, submittal, interview, presentation, discussion, negotiation, and everything and anything provided in response to this RFQ/P regardless of whether the submission is an oral or written submission.

By submitting a proposal to the WRBL, Proposer agrees that the Proposer does not obtain any right in or expectation to a contract with the WRBL or a vested interest or a property right in a contract with the WRBL regardless of the amount of time, effort and expense expended by Proposer in attempting to obtain a written executed contract with the WRBL. WRBL is not responsible for any cost or expense that may be incurred by a proposer before the execution of a contract, including costs associated with preparing a proposal or participating in interviews.

Scope of Desired Services

  1. Provide a comprehensive analysis of the economic impacts of Westport using the most current economic and tax data that incorporates a consistent methodology communicating the financial value (to the City of Kansas City) of the investments and economic activities located or occurring within Westport.
  2. Define the direct and indirect costs and benefits to the municipal budget of economic activities, residential activities, and private investment activities occurring within Westport.
  3. Determine the service delivery costs eliminated from the municipal budget as a result of the enhanced and/or supplemental services provided by the Westport Community Improvement District I, Westport Community Improvement District II, and the Broadway Area Community Improvement District within the boundaries of the old Town of Westport.
  4. Define the monetary benefits/returns to the municipal budget that would be gained by investing additional public funds for services and/or infrastructure within the boundaries of Westport.
  5. Make a final in-person presentation of the findings from the Economic Impact Study at a date, time and location mutually agreed upon by the parties to the contract.
  6. Provide a hard copy of the report findings and methodology(ies) used suitable for reproduction along with a PowerPoint presentation utilizing the same data and findings.

Target Area

The target area for the desired Westport Economic Impact Study is the area of Kansas City, Missouri encompassing the old Town of Westport. The area is defined by 39th Street on the north, Southwest Trafficway on the west, 43rd Street on the south, and Main Street on the east.

The Proposal Process

The WRBL will consider qualifications and proposals from all interested respondents that present adequate written evidence of the items listed below and that otherwise demonstrate significant experience in professional economic research and the development of defendable economic impact studies involving historic and longstanding mixed use urban areas. Proposals should be submitted digitally in PDF format to No paper or hardcopy submittals are required. RFP must be submitted no later than 4:00 p.m. central time on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 in order to be considered. Proposals should arrive in the noted email inbox no later than the time noted above. Proposals received via facsimile (fax) will not be considered. Responses cannot be longer than eight letter-sized pages (one sided) with 12-point type and must contain all of the following items:

  1. Evidence of significant experience by the submitting firm in completing work of this type inclusive of three (3) examples of similar projects.
  2. The credentials, qualifications, and experience of all key personnel, staff, consultants, or subcontractors that will be assigned to the undertaking if the proposal is selected
  3. A narrative description of how the identified services will be provided by the proposer and a timeline for each identified component envisioned.
  4. All proposals must be signed by a principal of the entity submitting a proposal. Such signature shall be preceded by a statement that the proposer understands the intended services required, the timeline for delivery, and the fact that any contract entered into with the WRBL will be a fixed cost agreement. If an individual doing business under a fictitious name makes a proposal, the proposal should so state and be signed by that individual. If the proposal is from a partnership, the full names and addresses of all members of the partnership must be provided and one principal member should sign the proposal. If a corporation makes the proposal, an authorized officer should sign the proposal in the corporate name with his or her office identified. If a proposal is submitted by a joint venture, the full names and addresses of all members of the joint venture shall be given and one authorized member should sign the proposal.
  5. A detailed line-item budget showing all costs for accomplishing all of the items and services identified in the “Scope of Desired Services”. Such costs detail must be inclusive of all schedules for all needed materials, equipment, personnel, travel, supplies, and other support services.
  6. Five project specific references with adequate contact information for each noted reference.
  7. The proposer must certify that it is not included in on any federal, state, or local listing of parties excluded from procurement eligibility or debarment.

WRBL is not responsible for any cost or expense that may be incurred by a proposer before the execution of a contract, including costs associated with preparing a proposal or participating in interviews.

The WRBL reserves the right to waive informalities or irregularities in proposals, to accept or reject or amend any or all proposals, to cancel this RFP in part or in its entirety, and to re-advertise for proposals if it is in the best interest of the WRBL and the intended outcomes. The WRBL will be the sole judge of what is in its best interest with respect to this RFP. The WRBL reserves the right to request additional information or clarification from any respondent until a contract is offered for the desired services.

The WRBL also reserves the right to award a contract solely on the basis of the initial response and proposal without interviews or negotiations. Consequently, proposals and offers should be submitted on the most favorable terms possible, from a cost, time, and scope inclusiveness standpoint.

Incomplete proposals may render the proposal non-responsive.

WRBL will evaluate proposals for reasonableness, completeness, and realism as appropriate. Cost proposals will only be evaluated for those proposers that are determined to be sufficiently experienced based on the information submitted as a part of this RFQ/P process. The basis for award of the contract shall be best value after considering the relevant experience and responsiveness of all proposers.

All responses to this RFP, along with any collateral and or supporting documents will become the property of the WRBL.

The WRBL is an equal opportunity employer.

Questions related to this solicitation for proposals should be directed to the WRBL Executive Director at 816-531-4370 X2 or during normal business hours each weekday.