Request For Bids

Jan 23, 2024 | Bids and Proposals

Jan 23, 2024



The Opportunity

The Westport Community Improvement District II (CID) seeks through this request for bids to enter into a contract with one company to furnish, install, and maintain up to 25 replacement street trees within the boundaries of the CID. The successful bidder will be expected to complete the planting of the new replacement trees in the identified tree pits no later than March 31, 2024. Additionally, the successful bidder will be required to water the newly planted trees as needed throughout the full twenty-four months immediately following the aforementioned planting and provide an absolute guarantee for the unquestioned life of each newly planted trees through March 31, 2026.

The Scope of Work

  • Work shall include, but not be limited to the planting and maintenance of trees, delivery of trees, protection of the trees during transport, collection, hauling, and proper disposal of tree planting debris and watering of trees.
  • Provide, install, and maintain thirteen (13) Honey Locust trees with at least a 3.5-inch caliper single trunk along Westport Road between Broadway Boulevard and Bridger Street.
  • Provide, install, and maintain four (4) Swamp White Oak trees with at least a 3.5-inch caliper single trunk along Broadway Boulevard between 40th Street and 42nd Street.
  • Provide, install, and maintain five (5) Shumard Oak trees with at least a 3.5-inch caliper single trunk along Pennsylvania Avenue between 40th Street and 42nd Street.
  • Provide, install, and maintain two (2) New Harmony Elm trees along 42nd Street with at least a 3inch caliper single trunk. Installation will occur on 42nd Street east of Pennsylvania Avenue.
  • Notify Missouri 811 of the locations where trees will be planted and have all nearby utilities located before disturbing the tree pits or planting new trees
  • Remove all debris from each work site and properly dispose of it. All hard surfaces surrounding the newly planted tree shall be left clean and tree of dirt or any debris at the conclusion of each tree planting.
  • All trees must be properly marked for identification. Each tree shall have legible labels securely attached upon delivery to the site.
  • Safe delivery and planting of any tree shall occur on the same day.
  • Protect all trunks, branches, and root balls from damage during tree tying, wrapping, loading, transporting, and unloading.
  • Cover trees during transport to prevent damage
  • Load tree balls onto transport vehicle and secure in a manner that protects the structural integrity of the root balls. Trees shall not be lifted or carried by their trunks.
  • Remove any stumps or roots systems belonging to a prior tree found in the tree pit where a new tree is to be planted.
  • Securely stake the new trees for a period of up to one year to ensure that the newly planted trees remain plumb and straight at such a level that the top of the root flare is at the ground level (but not above it).
  • At no additional cost to the CID, provide a written plant guarantee for vigorous growing condition of the newly planted tree through March 31, 2026.
  • Water newly planted trees as necessary to maintain health and vigor during the guarantee period. Daily temperatures, rainfall, time of year, and soil types should all be considered when determining watering frequency and need.
  • Supply all water needed for the planting and maintenance of the newly planted trees. Water can be purchased, and a hydrant meter obtained.

Additional Requirements:

  • The Contractor shall repair, prior to payment or partial payment for completed work to the satisfaction of the CID Executive Director, any damage to City of Kansas City or private property resulting from the actions of Contractor’s employees or equipment, or from debris resulting from their actions in planting or cleaning up after planting. The contractor shall be fully responsibility for the protection, preservation, and maintenance of property adjacent to each work area.
  • The Contractor shall provide to the CID insurance certificates providing evidence of sufficient, as determined solely by CID, and active general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance coverages with the CID listed as an additional insured on the insurance certificates. Each such certificate shall also reference a provision in the policy that requires at least a 30-day notice of the CID before termination of the policy for any and all reasons.
  • The Contractor shall locate and review all pipes, drains, wires, conduits, poles, or other structures within or adjacent to the right-of-way of the work, which may affect the Contractor’s operation and safety. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to have all utilities located before digging. The location of wires, pipes, or conduit in the tree pits may require some planting locations to be dug by hand.  All work in electrical hazard areas will be performed by the Contractor in accordance with the latest version of the ANSI Z-133.1 Standard.
  • Contractor shall comply with all applicable requirements of federal, state, and local laws regulations, and codes having jurisdiction at the project sites. Contractor shall be responsible for certificates of inspection of plant material that may be required by federal and/or local authorities to accompany shipments of plants.
  • Contractor shall provide documentation to CID showing the origin, species, and variety of plant materials. All plant materials shall have its parent seed or stock origin from hardiness zone 6a and demonstrated to be suitable for planting in Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Each shipment shall be certified by state and federal authorities to be free from disease and infestation.
  • Field grown trees shall have been root pruned after each transplant cycle to remove stem girdling and kinked roots. Dug material shall be maintained and watered as required at the nursery to guarantee its vitality and health until shipping.
  • Trees, including the root ball that are damaged, dehydrated or abused during transit or storage will be rejected. Replacement with an acceptable tree shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor.
  • Trees to be planted in Westport shall not be stored on concrete or asphalt at any time.
  • Roots and balls of plants shall be adequately protected at all times from the sun and drying winds. Balled and burlapped plants that cannot be planted within less than 24 hours of delivery to the site shall be heeled-in using bark mulch or other approved materials.
  • The Contractor shall at all times between the signing of the contract and the payment of the final payment be responsible for providing healthy, viable trees.
  • The Contractor shall provide a written warranty of viability for each tree through March 31, 2026. Any tree deemed to be unhealthy or non-vibrant by CID during that time that the warranty is in place shall be replaced by Contractor at no additional cost to CID and within 30 days of written notice of a dead tree. If such a tree replacement is deemed necessary, the Contractor shall also provide a new 12-month warranty and maintenance guarantee for the replacement tree.
  • All trees provided shall be true to species in accordance with Standardized Plant Names as referenced in the bid.
  • Tree stock to be planted shall consist of plants grown under natural conditions in soils and climate compatible with that of Kansas City, Missouri.
  • Soil used for backfilling all trees shall consist of the soil excavated at the time of planting. Contractor shall backfill each hole about 2/3, drench with water, allow the soil to settle, and backfill the remaining 1/3 of the hole not to exceed the root collar. Contractor shall remove all excess excavated soil from the planting site.
  • After setting the tree in the planting hole at the proper level, the Contractor shall cut and remove all ties form the ball, completely remove the wire basket down to the base of the tree and cut and remove the burlap down to the base of the tree. In no case shall the wire basket or burlap be pulled from under the root balls. The root balls shall be wrapped with biodegradable burlap from the original soil in which the plant grew. Trees bailed in polypropylene type materials will be rejected.
  • The method of staking is dependent on a tree’s ability to stand on its own and the location of the planting site. Wire or any strap that will or may damage the trunk or bark is not acceptable for use in the staking process. Contractor shall stake trees in areas of high wind or high pedestrian traffic. Stakes and any collars used must be approved by CID in advance in installation.
  • Contractor shall promptly raise and straighten trees that settle or lean for a period of one year after planting at no additional cost to CID.
  • In order to ensure compliance with the watering and maintenance components of this project, an amount equal to 20% of the contract price will be withheld until eighteen months after the last tree is planted to ensure compliance with the requirements of this engagement.


The CID will consider bids from all interested respondents that present adequate evidence and otherwise demonstrate basic qualifications to manage and fulfill the requirements of this bid document. A written bid must be received no later than 4:00 pm central time on Thursday, February 22, 2024 in order to be considered. Bids should be delivered in writing to the offices of the Westport Regional Business League, 4050 Pennsylvania Avenue – Suite M100, Kansas City, Missouri 64111 or via email to All bids should be addressed to the Executive Director.

The CID reserves the right to accept, reject, or amend any and/or all elements of this request for bid, or any component part(s) thereof, deemed to be in its best interest or in the best interest of the desired outcome. The CID deserves the right to request additional information or clarification from any respondent until a contract is offered for the desired services.

The CID may use past experiences and outcomes of the firm and firm expertise as part of the selection review criteria. While price is a very important criteria in this process, it will not be the only criteria considered.

Questions related to this solicitation for bids should be directed to the Executive Director of the CID at 816-531-4370 X2 or