Westport News :

Small Business of the Year Nominees

Congratulations are in order! Many small businesses in Westport are nominated for the KC Chamber's “Top Small Business of the Year” Award. To be named Small Business of the Year[...]
May 3, 2021

Welcome Back to Westport!

We are thrilled to announce that almost all of Westport is now reopen or opening very soon. Our local businesses, restaurants and bars are eager to safely serve you again.[...]
April 14, 2021

Westport Mural Round Up

Mural, Mural on almost every Westport wall! Did you know there are a dozen murals right here in Westport? These Instagram-worthy, photo-ops are bursting with Kansas City pride! Grab a[...]
December 21, 2020

Winter Street Cafes

As we head into colder weather, Westport is excited to announce the extension of its sidewalk and street cafés to the weekdays through the remainder of 2020. These outdoor, European-style[...]
November 24, 2020

Best of the BEST!

Each year The Pitch – a Kansas City magazine that covers news, arts, music, and culture – rounds up an inclusive list of categories for KC’s best people, places, and things! Winners of Kansas City’s longest running “Best of” Awards are[...]
November 3, 2020

Weekday Street Cafés

As we head into cooler weather, Westport is excited to announce the extension of its sidewalk and street cafés to the weekdays. These outdoor, European-style cafés provide Westport businesses with[...]
October 1, 2020

Welcome to Westport

What’s new in Westport? A whole lot! Summer of 2020 has brought a lot of new neighbors to our district, including Atomic Provisions, The Big Biscuit, and Sacred Leaf!  Atomic Provisions   The old Westport Ice House has transformed into[...]
September 29, 2020

Sidewalks and Streets Transform to Cafes

Weekends in Westport will look a little different this year – in a good way. Kansas City’s original entertainment district is thrilled to announce the addition of sidewalk and street[...]
June 12, 2020