Eating, Connecting, Living in Westport

May 10, 2018 | Drinks, Food, Latest News, Shopping

Living in Westport: Work, Sleep and Play in the original Kansas City!



Living in Westport has countless unmatched perks. First, the convenience of walking to locally owned and operated businesses makes Westport an ideal place to live. The trip to grab a juicy hamburger or indulge in world-class dining is often just to the other side of the street. Not many can say they live steps away from two James Beard Foundation semifinalist restaurants! Also, if it’s grocery shopping day, you can take advantage of a full grocery store right in the neighborhood. Sunfresh also now offers online shopping for added convenience!

Looking to pamper yourself? Your next haircut, manicure or massage is literally just around the corner. You can finish off your pampering day by stopping into locally owned shops, like The Bunker, Clothz Minded and VOLUME 1NE to grab a new outfit. In addition to plenty of restaurants, shopping and services within walking distance, some residents also work in the neighborhood. Especially relevant, Westport is the most walkable neighborhood in Kansas City, earning a walk score of 92.


While convenience is a great benefit of living in Westport, there’s much more. Most importantly, Westport offers endless opportunities to connect with others on every street,  and professionals from every business. It’s truly a vibrant, close community. The streetscape of the neighborhood creates a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and social meeting places.

With a diverse set of offerings from local businesses come a captivating set of individuals. Along with diverse businesses, there are also frequent neighborhood events that offer opportunities for socializing and entertaining. With options like St. Patrick’s Day, Art Westport and the Westport Roots Festival and so much more, there is always something happening!

Thus, no matter where you are or what day it is, it is likely you will meet a new, interesting person each day you are working, playing and living in Westport. Together, all these elements enable members of the Westport community to live, work, sleep and play all in one welcoming neighborhood! Lastly, hear a first-hand account of the benefits of living in Westport from a resident in the video below!