Gould Evans

May 24, 2018 | Latest News

Gould Evans experiences variety of benefits from operating in Westport


Twenty-two years ago, when Gould Evans was looking for new office space, they looked to Westport for many reasons. Initially, the neighborhood seemed like a great fit because of its personality and convenience.  Contributing to the convenience factor is the ample parking, as well as access to restaurants and more. However, over the years, the architecture firm’s location in the heart of Westport proved to offer much more than expected.

Gould Evans is a firm that goes beyond building. The team helps clients think through options they may not of thought of. In addition, the firm looks to work with clients investing in the long-term. They work with clients that are aiming to improve their building, their culture or other aspects of their business. To achieve these goals, Gould Evans places a heavy emphasis on offering strong talent. With access to many restaurants and places to hang out, the office’s location in Westport has become a recruiting tool for this talent.

Gould Evans efforts to recruit, build and offer strong talent does not stop there. The firm operates an educational experience, STEAM Studio, that allows students to see architects in the workplace. This experience helps the students become self-directed learners by changing their attitudes, as well as the way they act and behave. Again, the office’s location in Westport gives access to inner-city schools for participation in this program.

Overall, setting up in Westport has proved to be much more than expected when Gould Evans moved in 22 years ago. Lastly, the neighborhood has a rich, historic fabric and inserting the Gould Evans culture has been a rewarding experience, according to Dennis Strait, principal and architect. Hear more from Dennis in the video below!