Popcorn Heaven: Fifty Flavors of Heaven

May 3, 2018 | Food


Popcorn Heaven welcomes all preferences and tastes in the heart of Westport at 536 Westport Road. This family-owned business boasts 50 common and uncommon popcorn flavors daily. However, be sure to visit often, as they rotate in new flavors throughout the year from overall 150+ options. With a quirky concept, brother and sister team, John and Jaimie, knew Westport was the place for them. With many cultures joining together in Westport and many flavors of popcorn, the welcoming neighborhood and friendly business fit perfectly.

In addition to offering 50 flavors in seven sizes in store, Popcorn Heaven is available for your individual needs. If you’re looking for a memorable snack for your next event, think gourmet popcorn! With as many flavor options as Popcorn Heaven offers, all attendees will be satisfied. Make it distinctly yours by getting a custom color and custom label on your bags! Also, the team is available to pop on-site at events and festivals. Lastly, explore wholesale and fundraising opportunities, as well as party favors!

Learn more about Popcorn Heaven and their unconventional offerings in the video below!