Pointworks Academy presents “UX for Mobile” Workshop - Westport Kansas City

Pointworks Academy presents “UX for Mobile” Workshop

Steven Hoober wrote the book on mobile design patterns and is best known for his extensive and ongoing research about how people use touchscreen phones and tablets. He has focused on designing for mobile and multi-channel products since 1999, designing the first Google mobile search, the first mobile app store (for Sprint), mobile browsers including parts of the Samsung browser, websites like Weather.com and Lowe’s home improvement, and apps for companies like Hallmark, US Bank and Cummins diesel.

Join Steven for a day-long workshop filled with practical insights on how to design the best user experiences for mobile devices.

If you work on a team without sufficient time or resources and need to do design thinking outside your official role yourself, this workshop can help. There are roles in the workshop for product owners, information architects, interaction designers, content managers, UI/visual designers and developers.

In this course, you’ll discover:

  • The way digital products really work; layering, the stack and back
  • Proven UX design tools to get to the new needs of users, and how to think about exploiting new technologies
  • A brief history of design; how Swiss Modernism is what we mean by flat today
  • Designing by zones; touch accuracy and touch preference regions are not what you think
  • How to conquer Blank Page Syndrome by designing interfaces using mobile OS navigation patterns
  • The overlap between technology and use, including how people use different devices in different contexts at different times of the day
  • Design considerations unique to mobile, including features and sensors that aren’t available on desktop applications
  • Problems of poor connectivity, and how to plan for them; it’s not just “airplane mode”
  • How to create task flows that account for the user and the system all as one

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Feb 17, 2017
8:00 am-5:00 pm