Classical Revolution KC at Californos - Westport Kansas City

Classical Revolution KC at Californos

Classical Revolution KC is a non-profit┬áchamber music organization that strives┬áto share the importance of classical music in a live performance setting, while showcasing the talents of some of KC’s finest musicians.

After lamenting the lack of live performances of their favorite chamber music, founders Alyssa and Nick Bell joined with friends to juxtapose classical music with a decidedly non-traditional venue: a beloved local bar. The result was a success.

Join us on the fourth Monday of each month as Classical Revolution KC puts on a live performance at Californos in Westport. These performances give us a chance to share what we love with others, as well an opportunity to perform.


Come for dinner and drinks! Share a fun evening of music and bring friends to this special Monday evening at Californos Westport!



Sep 25, 2017
8:00 pm-10:00 pm