Art Westport 2021 - Westport Kansas City

Art Westport 2021

This September, you’re invited to join 150 of Kansas City area’s top artists who’ll line the streets of Westport — the perfect backdrop for this lively three-day event — showcasing original art, one-of-a-kind jewelry, fine crafts and more. Art Westport will celebrate it’s 42nd year in 2021 and is Kansas City’s only outdoor art show and festival exclusively for LOCAL artists.

Make plans now to be a part of this homegrown tradition:

Friday, September 10: 3pm-9pm
Saturday, September 11: 10am-9pm
Sunday, September 12: 11am-5pm

2021 Participating Artists

Jake Bond Ceramics
Karen Dreyer Ceramics
Sherri Hanna Ceramics
Melanie Harvey Ceramics
Laura Hoppes Ceramics
Steph Kates Ceramics
Raegan Koepsel Ceramics
Melody Monroe Ceramics
Michelle Rogne Ceramics
Melanie Sherman Ceramics
Lee Slusher Ceramics
Susan Speck Ceramics
Mark Thorson Ceramics
John Knell Digital Art
Douglas Fulks Drawing
Gloria Shanahan Drawing
Wanda Taylor Drawing
Brad Ultican Drawing
Christopher Armer Emerging Artist
Jenna Galletta Emerging Artist
Hanah Glimpse Emerging Artist
Genevieve Hamel Emerging Artist
Mary Izard Emerging Artist
Andrew Klein Emerging Artist
Sharon Nibbelink Emerging Artist
Rachel Oatney Emerging Artist
Diana Rendell Emerging Artist
Allen Rendell Emerging Artist
Jennifer Roberts Emerging Artist
Jeffrey Schult Emerging Artist
Heather Sulzen Emerging Artist
Jerry Ann Dowdle Fiber
Mary Lasseter Fiber
Shawanna Meeks Fiber
Erin Sansoucy Fiber
Diane Lawrence Fiber
Tom Bloyd Glass
Fred Imhoff Glass
Sara Sally LaGrand Glass
Heather Blackman Jewelry
Jandi Burkett Jewelry
Nichole Collins Jewelry
Kelly Conner Jewelry
Kristin Cooper Jewelry
Dave Darpinian Jewelry
Brad Egger Jewelry
Sara Kharatyan Jewelry
Clarissa Knighten Jewelry
Cecilia Labora Jewelry
Joy Mead Jewelry
Laurie Mellenbruch Jewelry
Kelly Monroe Jewelry
Rachel Rose Jewelry
Ursula Tizon Jewelry
Manda Wylde Jewelry
Andrew Beach Mixed Media
Aimee Fresia Mixed Media
Xavier Gayden Mixed Media
Bob Holloway Mixed Media
Megan Leong Mixed Media
Rita & Steve Lohr Mixed Media
Jenny Meyer-McCall Mixed Media
Angie Pickman Mixed Media
Cynthia Rogers Mixed Media
Charles Shotton Mixed Media
Katie Thierolf Mixed Media
Andrew Batcheller Painting
Rob Bauer Painting
Christianne Bohannon Painting
John Carroll Painting
Ashley Corbello Painting
Peter Crane Painting
Steven Dragan Painting
Jordan EuDaly Painting
Nicolas Gadbois Painting
Mark Hennick Painting
Brent O’Connor Painting
Debra Payne Painting
James Pettijohn Painting
Ziyadath Radji Painting
Jen Unekis Painting
Chun Wang Painting
Emily Wittler Painting
Ivey Zoellers Painting
Brian Cain Photography
Amy Crouse Photography
Ric Cummings Photography
RC Heinze Photography
Cindy Heller Photography
Beth Houts Photography
Jean Hutchison Photography
Lee Jost Photography
Steve & Rita Lohr Photography
Tom Mallot Photography
Jeff Monger Photography
Margaret Norcross Photography
Michael Russell Photography
Everett Smith Photography
James Terry Photography
Nathan Walker Photography
Dan Yeokum Photography
Justin Marable Printmaking
Caitlin Penny Printmaking
Lori Stanziola Printmaking
Charley Forsyth Printmaking
Annette Gordon Sculpture
David Cotter Wood
Christopher Dowdy Wood
Angela Flinn Wood
Matthew Roman Wood
Tracey Vaeth Wood
Adrian Vogel Wood
Helena Bates Wood

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Sep 10-12, 2021
3:00 pm-5:00 pm