Ashleigh's Bake Shop - Westport Kansas City

Ashleigh’s Bake Shop

At Ashleigh’s, our passion is pie. We take pride in our pies and bake all of our pies in-house,¬†fresh every morning in order to give you the freshest product possible.

We use our handmade all-butter crust and only the best quality ingredients in our pies. That means freshly whipped cream, fresh fruits, hand-peeled apples, freshly squeezed lemons and limes, cane sugar, fresh cracked eggs, real vanilla, and real butter. None of our products contain shortening or lard.

Our quiches? They’re addicting. You can’t stop at just one slice!

Not a pie person? Give our salted caramel sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or pecan bars a try! They’re equally as delicious!

We aim to please and since we are such a small business, we want to make you happy! At Ashleigh’s, we consider you friends, not just customers.