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Kung Fu Tea

Kungfu pays attention to the spirit of unlimited self-improvement, so Kungfu tea represents the unlimited development possibilities of an independent brand.

We have more than ten years of experience in this industry. From the raw material to the client, we use a nearly demanding professional attitude to create all about Kung Fu tea products and everything.

In this way, more consumers and even the masses can recognize Kung Fu tea and recognize our brand value, and we hope that Kung Fu tea can create a more mature tea drinking culture. In the international market. By this way, we as pioneers must Will become an irreplaceable pioneer…

Dream, deep cultivation, creation, this is the unique Kung Fu tea…

At present, our parent company is headquartered in New York, and our business scope covers Taiwan, Southeast Asia, the mainland, North America, and the East and West. We also hope to integrate different regional market cultures.

To make the connotation and value of the international brand of Kung Fu tea more diversified, we need more international talents and various resources. We look forward to any ideas and cooperation with Kung Fu tea, even partners… Join us!