On-Street Parking

Finding parking in Westport is easy when you know where to look. Having a positive parking experience while in Westport can be really simple. Just use one of the 427 curbside public parking spaces found along the following streets in Westport:

  • Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Westport Road
  • Broadway Boulevard
  • Mill Street
  • 42nd Street
  • Wornall Road
  • Roanoke Road
  • Washington Street
  • Archibald Street

Almost all of the on-street parking locations have a two-hour time restriction during the hours of 10:00 am through 10:00 pm Monday through Saturday. While curbside parking is free of charge, a ticket for occupying a free curbside space for too long can be quite expensive. If you think you will be out on the town, enjoying one of the award-winning restaurants, attending an event, taking in a movie, or participating in a business meeting for a longer period, please consider using one of the many off-street parking lots or garages in and adjacent to Westport.

Off-Street Parking

There are 24 off-street parking locations providing 1365 parking spaces for use by customers, patrons, and visitors to Westport. All but one of the available off-street parking locations are surface lots. Please note that many of the lots as well as several hundred spaces in the parking garage are reserved for specific business uses during traditional business hours Monday through Friday. During these times, several of the surface lots are not available for customer or visitor use. In the evenings (after 5pm) and during the weekend, a much larger inventory of available parking spaces can be found.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing

Close to 40% of all customers, visitors, and patrons that come to Westport utilize either a taxi service or ride-hailing service to get to and from Westport. Due to the high volume of these modes of transportation usage in the district, it is never a challenge to find an alternative form of transportation that doesn’t require parking a vehicle. From 9:00 pm – 4:00 am on Fridays and Saturdays, the designated drop-off and pick-up zone for ride-sharing vehicles will be on the south side of Westport Road between Mill Street and Bridger Street. Additionally, the north side of Westport Road between Mill Street and Bridger Road is designated on Friday and Saturday evenings from 9:00 pm – 4:00 am for taxi services. To facilitate these transportation options, curbside parking along this one block section of Westport Road is unavailable during the hours of 9:00 pm and 4:00 am on Friday and Saturday evenings.


Westport enjoys one of the highest concentrations of bicycle usage in Kansas City. With dozens of free sidewalk bike racks to park a bicycle throughout Westport, hundreds of people take advantage of this easy and healthy mode of transportation every day. The district is easy and comfortable to explore on foot or on a bicycle.  It’s no wonder that there are four bicycle rental locations in Westport for use by those that didn’t bring their own bicycle with them. Bicycles can be rented with a credit card by the hour or by the day at the following Westport locations:

  • At the northwest corner of the intersection of Washington Street, 40th Terrace, and Broadway Boulevard
  • On the south side of Marsh’s Sun Fresh Grocery Store (4001 Mill Street)
  • On the north side of World Market (535 Westport Road)
  • On the south side of Westport Road just east of Baltimore Street

RideKC Transit

RideKC, Kansas City’s public transit authority, offers a variety of routes with stops in or near Westport, including routes 35, 40, 47 and Main MAX.

Westport was originally designed for pedestrians and horses, hence the narrow streets and the zero lot line buildings. It’s roads were never intended to be a high-speed thoroughfares or arterial roadways for automobiles. At best, the narrow historic streets of Westport could function as low-speed neighborhood streets.

With the addition of four-way stops at the Westport Road intersections with Pennsylvania Avenue and Mill Street, attempts are being made to bring this historic roadway back to the pedestrian focus it had lost when thousands of cars were speeding through just to avoid catching the next traffic light. A vehicular trip eastbound or westbound on Westport Road will now take longer with the recent traffic calming changes. At the same time, pedestrians will now find it easier – and safer – to cross Westport Road. Through traffic just trying to move from east to west across midtown are encouraged to consider alternative routes such as 31st Street, 39th Street, 43rd Street or 47th Street.